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Shipping Cost

Shipping Cost and International Trading Terms

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Following is the Guide price shipping from China to UK:

England PORT 20’GP 40’GP 40'HQ T/Time (Day)
BELFAST 2150 3450 3600 34
LIVERPOOL 2050 3000 3150 35
LONDON 2450 3300 3450 33
THAMESPORT 2050 3100 3250 29
MANCHESTER 2300 3200 3350 34
SOUTHAMPTON 1800 2900 3050 29
FELIXSTOWE 1800 2800 2950 29

REMARK:All currency is in USD except inland trucking fee

  • ALL rates subject to BAF:487/TEU CAF:14.8% PSS:135/TEU,145/TEU of ocean freight
  • Please contact us for up-to-date O/F rate.
  • Import duty is paid to HM Customs and Excise. We can advise you of the relevant rate, when we have full product details.
  • All the rate is an estimated rate, please Email us or Ask Gigabiz™ to get an instant quote.

It's good to know some common trading terms:

Free on Board (FOB)

Common price term used in international trade. The seller is responsible for the cost of goods is to the point of loading it onto the ship or aircraft. The risk of loss of or damage to the goods is transferred from the seller to the buyer when the goods have been so delivered

Cost, Insurance & Freight (CIF)

Cost, Insurance and freight to a named overseas port of import.. Under this term the seller quotes a price ofor the goods (including insurance)

Ex Works (EXW)

A term of sale in which for the quoted price, the seller mearly makes the goods available to the buyer at the sellers "named place" of business. This places the greatest responsibility on the buyer abd minimum obligations on the seller. The Ex Works term is often used when making an initial quotation for the sale of goods without any costs included.

Cost & Freight (C&F)

Cost & Freight to a named overseas port of import. Under this term, the seller quotes a price for the goods that include the cost of transportation to the named point of debarkation. The cost of insurance is left to the buyers account.

CAF (Currency Adjustment Factor)

A freight surcharge or adjustment factor imposed by an international carrier to offset foreign currency fluctuations. In some cases an emergency currency adjustment factor (ECAF) may be applied when a charge or rate has been originally published in a currency that is experiencing sustained or rapid decline. The CAF is charged as a percentage of the freight.

Bonded Warehouse

The Customs Service authorises bonded warehouses for storage or manufacture of goods on which payment of duties is deferred until the goods enter the Customs Territory. The goods are not subject to duties if reshipped to foreign points.

Bill of lading (B/L)

Bill of lading are contracts between the owner of goods and the carrier. The customer needs an original or a copy as proof of ownership to take possession of the goods.


The person or firm named in a freight contract to whom goods have been consigned or turned over. For export control purposes, the documentation differentiates between an intermediate consignee and an ultimate consignee.

Packing List

A shipping document issued by shipper to carrier, Customs and consignee serving the purposes of identifying detail information of package count, products count, measurement of each package, weight of each package, etc.

Pro Forma Invoice (P/I)

An invoice provided by a supplier prior to the shipment of merchandise, informing the buyer of the kinds and quantities of goods to be sent, their value, and important specifications (weight, size, and similar characteristics). When an importer applys for Letter of Credit as the means of payment, a Pro Forma Invoice from the beneficiary of such Letter of Credit, usually the exporter, is required by the L/C issuing bank.

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