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How to Extend Your Visa?

Theoretically you should be able to get an extension by simply visiting the Public Security office in any Chinese town, and filling out a visa extension form. However, Chinese visa officers can be remarkably pragmatic. Depending on your luck it may simply involve filling out a visa extension application form, or they may demand some sort of "evidence" to support your application. This may include a plane/train ticket, or a letter from a Chinese friend/company. Some Public Security (Police) departments will require a letter explaining the reason for your wish to extend the visa. You may have to gain the help of a Chinese friend to write a letter explaining the reasons for you extended stay in China. The process of applying for and extending visas is becoming a lot easier, but depending on where you go it can still be a confusing and frustrating experience. Please note that a tourist visa is only extendable up to a maximum of 90days, after which you must leave the country.

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